Would it be beautiful?

Or just a beautiful diaster

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About Me

I'm Janet and my favorite word is Dork.

That's pretty much the basics. XD

I'm 23 years young.

I L0VE my life. :]

Future Cartoonist

My friends are fab ♥

I love to txt. <3

Taking pics & acting silly is my hobby.

I am facinated by japanese street fashion.

Japanese people obviously have amazing taste.

Doesnt mean Im going to turn Japanese XD

I want to be a pirate.

I live off of junk food, mostly candy.

I love writing.

I like to play Video games all the time.

[Final Fantasy] [Super Mario]

[I love Tinkberbell!]

[I like big sunglasses] [Purses]

That's how I roll.

I love cartoons.

If you think you need to

know anything else about me,

feel free to send me a msg. <3

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